Financing from the EU – grants

If you decide to benefit from our offer, you can count on our help in gaining financial resources from EU funds which make it possible to conduct the planned investment.

Depending on the model and financing programme, it is achievable to gain a refund on investment of up to 50%, which, as a result of this, allows for a purchase of system for a half price. Members of our Consortium take pride in comprehensive experience, ready elaboration and proven solutions of other European companies which were successful in obtaining a very big co-financing from EU funds. Collaborating with us will enable you to efficiently and effectively embrace the opportunity provided by European Union to polish entrepreneurs and institutions. Community, which is in the recent years primarily aimed at reducing harmful emissions to the atmosphere and striving to break dependency of energy from fossil fuels; in each settlement period allocates for this purposes a great amount of financial resources for which we are allowed to grasp.

The Consortium’s experts will advise you on the best way of financing for each and every investment planned, e.g. in the field of infrastructure of environment protection, development of tourism and culture, transport and education (including lifelong learning), scholarship programmes, health protection, safety of persons and property, training activities, internationalization of companies (fairs, international exhibitions), industrial and precompetitive research as well as companies’ investments in fixed assets: structures, buildings, machines, equipment, companies’ investments in intangible and legal assets based on acquiring a patent, license or technical knowledge in the area of organization and management etc.

Help from the Consortium will consist in, f. in.: compiling application documentation, developing feasibility study or business plan, preparing financial structure based on external sources of financing the investment or aid by searching for the business partner. Consortium’s experts are obliged to provide you with comprehensive service, starting from obtaining grants, through settling the received financial resources to closing of the investment and submitting final report from the use of the grant received.

Thanks to the wide spectrum of various grant programmes, the entrepreneur can receive co-financing for almost every investment under the condition that he will meet some general requirements. Owing to modern and innovative technologies implementing our systems will allow you to optimize work, whereas the possibility to acquire co-financing from EU funds, which is possible thanks to the cooperation with the Consortium, will enable you to substantially reduce the implementation costs of the system. This will result in the rapid development with simultaneous time and money saving.