Personal GPS Voice

Personal GPS Voice is a modern solution made by Keratronik available since February 2010. The system consists of technically advanced mobile terminal and a convenient –in-use WebClient application which gives access to all the desired localization functionalities to the user in real time as well as in terms of the past. The terminal sends the localization data at least once a minute. Proper application configuring allows for quick identification of deviations from defined tenets. In such situations, the application can immediately send an SMS alert on pre-defined mobile phone numbers. What is more, the functionality of SMS messages sending for chosen phone numbers after pressing two buttons on the terminal’s desktop is available as well. In order to increase safety and comfort of the users, Personal GPS Voice provides additional services such as: emergency calls on request and POI Voice Information Service.


  • Immediate localization
  • Access to visited spots history
  • Quick (one button) emergency call through chosen numbers and simultaneous SMS sending
  • Automatic alert reaction of the device on too rapid overcharges (fall, epilepsies attack, car crush)


  • VIPs’ protection
  • Localization and quick contact with children and elderly people
  • Attack detection, f. in. epilepsies with a possibility of automatic SMS reporting
  • Automatic alerts on falls of elderly or ill people

Service’s features:

  • Personal GPS transmitter
  • In-built mobile phone functions
  • Automatic SMS event reporting
  • Possibility of following the protected person’s position via WWW on map with WebClient application

Detailed technical specification can be found in the product’s card.